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Thank you for visiting Nien Made Enterprise’s website (the “Website”). Please be assured that Nien Made Enterprise (the Company) absolutely respects your right to personal data (privacy) and protects it in accordance with the law. In order to ensure that you may safely and easily utilize the information and services of the Website and allow us to collect, store, use and transfer as well as disclose your personal information (including information related to your past use of our products and services), Nien Made Enterprise would like to explain the privacy protection policy (the Policy) of the Website. The Company provides absolute protection of and respect to all the information you provide. Unless otherwise required by applicable laws and regulations or agreements between you and the Company, the content of this Policy will be followed. Personal information refers to undisclosed data sufficient for personal identity, such as your name, home address, e-mail address and phone number.

The Policy is only to inform and regulate how the Company collects, stores, uses and discloses various personal data collected through this Website, and does not modify or change other agreements you may have signed with the Company or other agreements to be effective. If your personal data is collected through a third party, such personal data shall be subject to the privacy policy set by the Company and you or the third party. If your personal information is provided to the Company through other means, such as phone calls to the Company, promotion activity, or registration of services or products, such information is not subject to this Policy.

You acknowledge and agree that this policy has the same effect as written consent. Whenever you access, use or provide personal data to the Company through this Website, it means that you have read the content of this statement and agreed to the practices described in this Policy.

You may be asked to provide your name, personal identification number, address, telephone number, e-mail or other relevant information when you participate in online events, register your membership or apply for relevant services via the Website. Additionally, we may also retain certain records automatically generated by the server when you browse or search for information online, including but not limited to the IP address of the device you use to get online, the browser used, time spent, and contents of information browsed and selected. However, unless you voluntarily give your personal information, the Company will not and cannot match such record with your personal information. Please note that other websites connected to this Website may collect your personal information as well. These websites may have their own privacy policies, and the Privacy Policy of this Website does not apply to records and data management measures for any personal information that you willingly provide to these other websites.

Your personal data are kept strictly in the database system of this Website. Any acquisition and use of the data should be under the authority management regulations stipulated by the Company. Unauthorized personnel are not allowed to obtain and use your personal data in any way.

The Website will process and use your personal data in accordance with the specific purposes stipulated in the law and the service terms agreed by you. Information gathered from users will not be used for any purposes beyond said specific purposes, nor will it be arbitrarily disclosed to any other third parties.

Cookies are some brief information that the server writes to the user's hard drive via a browser in order to distinguish different preferences of the users. You can choose to modify the acceptance level of cookies in your browser in the "Privacy" item of the "Internet Options" of the browser, including accepting all cookies, getting notification when setting cookies, and rejecting all cookies. If you choose to reject all cookies, you may not be able to use some personalized services or participate in some activities. In order to provide you with better and more personalized services and facilitate your participation in personalized interactive activities, cookies are created when you register or log in, and are modified when you log out. In addition, for the statistics of visitor numbers and analysis of the browsing modes to understand the situation of web browsing as a reference for improvement of the service, the Website will write and read cookies in your browser under the principles of this Policy.

The personal data stored on this website will be fully protected under the Personal Data Protection Law, and will never be sold, exchanged, rented or otherwise disguised to disclose your personal data to other groups or individuals. The Website will share your personal data with third parties only under the following three circumstances:

I. With your prior consent or permission.

II. When it is required by a judicial unit or other competent authorities for legal and formal procedures.

III. In order to provide you with other services or benefits, there may be a need to share your personal information with a third party providing such services or benefits. The Website shall provide sufficient explanation for such activities so that you may determine, at your own decision, whether to accept these services or benefits.

To improve overall services, contents being transmitted by the Website may include services as well as benefits not provided by the Company. We shall provide you with sufficient explanation during the activity. You may determine whether to accept this specific service or activity. If you choose to refuse this service, the Website shall guarantee that any information registered to this website will not be transferred to any third party. After acquiring your consent before or after registration, you shall receive information of promotion activities, marketing or welfare activities, the Company’s product information, questionnaire survey data or email. In addition to specifying that we are the deliverer of the said information or email, the Website shall also provide the method, instructions, or functional links in the said information or email on how to stop receiving this information or email at any time.

Please ensure proper safekeeping of your personal information or passwords. Do not provide your personal information, especially your password, to other individuals or institutions. It is important that you log out of the Website after using the various services provided. If you are using a shared or public computer, please remember to close the browser window in order to prevent other individuals from accessing your personal information or email.

Unless otherwise agreed by you or stipulated in the laws or regulations, the Website will not modify or delete any personal data. If there is any change in your personal information, you can log in to the Website to update it or use the contact information provided by the Website to handle the data updates.

If you are unwilling to provide your personal data to the Website for continuous use, you can contact us through the contact information provided on the Website. We will immediately stop using or delete your personal data upon your consent.

Please feel free to send an email at or call at 04-36000999 for any questions about the above terms.

The company will modify the Policy in accordance with relevant laws and regulations and based on actual needs to ensure that your privacy is not infringed. If the content of the Policy is modified, the Company will immediately make an announcement on the Website.