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Established in 1974, Nien Made (NM) is not only a listed company in Taiwan (Stock Code: 8464) but also the creator of its own brands, NORMAN® and VENETA®. We specialize in the production, manufacturing, and marketing of various window covering products. With a long-term presence in multiple markets, including the U.S., Europe, the U.K., Japan, and Australia, we produce tens of millions of window coverings every year. With 11,500+ employees, our main production bases are located in mainland China, Cambodia, Mexico, and the U.S., with headquarters in Taichung, Taiwan.

NM offers practical and user-friendly "Ready-Made window coverings", which are sold through ~2,000 Home Depot and ~5,000 Walmart stores. On the other hand, our luxurious "Custom-Made window coverings" are primarily distributed through our 12 regional business centers in North America, catering to thousands of local professional window décor retailers and designers.

Each year, NM manufactures millions of "Custom-Made window coverings", providing tailored solutions in various sizes, colors, materials, and options. We are highly vertically integrated, with a firm grip on raw materials and manufacturing. For instance, we produce 90+% of plastic components in-house to ensure product excellence. To maintain precision in our production processes, we adhere to strict lean production procedures and quality standards, eliminating room for human error. Prior to shipping, our skilled craftsmen personally inspect each product for size, functionality, and appearance, adding final touches if needed. This rigorous craftsmanship allows only products that pass our stringent quality control to be shipped, exemplifying NM's unique pursuit of perfection.
Thousands of Process Improvement (Kaizen) Cases
for Pursuing Perfection
The multiple manufacturing stages in the factory, due to their unequal distribution of time for each stage, are very much prone to either surplus or deficient production of certain assembled components, leading to the unnecessary inventory of work-in-process parts or shortage of necessary parts for the later stages of manufacturing. Not to mention facing the challenges of multinational coordination and planning before and after new product launches.

With continuous on-site improvement (Kaizen) and adjustment, our manufacturing yields only the required quantities to attune ourselves to the production rhythm of the entire team. To reach optimal product quality, we encourage our employees to conduct autonomous improvement (Kaizen) proposals. In 2022, we gathered 2,677 improvements (with an average of 2,578 over the past 5 years)!

Thanks to our ongoing efforts in lean production management and our evolving company culture, we've enhanced quality, streamlined work, improved energy efficiency, and reduced the negative effects of rising wages and labor shortages. We use the Toyota/lean production approach to easily customize dream window coverings!