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In order to enable Nien Made’s suppliers to ensure that their products/operations comply with legal requirements related to environmental protection, safety and hygiene (including: waste disposal, emissions and toxic substances/hazardous waste disposal), NM has revised the supplier's procurement contracts (eg: Equipment purchase contract) and uses this standard as a general guideline for supplier’s evaluation. For material suppliers such as PVC resin and steel, ISO14001 certification is required. Waste service providers are required to comply with local government regulations for clearing and transportation. Suppliers with raw materials certified by the National Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) or complying with hazardous substance safety regulations (eg: REACH or RoHS) are preferred by Nien Made. In the " Corporate Social Responsibility Best Practice Principles", NM also regulates the avoidance of transactions with suppliers that are in confliction with CSR policies.
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Shipment of unqualified finished products detected is never allowed at Nien Made. NM has stringent requirements and standards for the production processes, including the Management Measures for In-Coming Procurement and Inspection, Supplier Management Practices, Control Procedure of Non-conforming Products, Product Identification Management Procedures and so on. We require all raw materials to comply with legal regulations and requirements. No heavy metals (among 8 major heavy metals) or soluble lead were detected in the products sent to SGS and TUV, the third party testing for inspection of compliance with REACH and RoHS. We also require our suppliers to provide the latest test reports every 3 months so as to check on the health, safety and quality of our products at the sources. NM’s customers can file a complaint about customer health and safety concerns through the Marketing Department or the designated mailbox.
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