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Nien Made don’t just complement windows; they transform them into topics of conversation, much like a rare antique or an exquisite piece of art.
Beautiful shutters, attractively priced.
At Nien Made, we don’t believe in passing along unnecessary costs to our customers. So while our products are all high-end, they’re also value-priced. We’ve streamlined our manufacturing processes to keep costs low and homeowner value high. We’ve also developed a three-tiered, good-better-best product line strategy to allow all homeowners to enjoy shutters, whether they are decorating their first home or their dream home! contact your design professional today to learn how Nien Made will transform your home!
Quality. Service. Selection. Value.
Taken together, they set Nien Made apart from every other shutter manufacturer in the industry. In fact, Nien Made offers you attention to detail that no other manufacturer can equal.
Of course, our precise methods require a greater dedication to workmanship, but they guarantee that your shutters will look beautiful and perform faithfully for years to come. As the leader of fine window furniture, we’d have it no other way. And neither should you.
Like any home investment, only shutters of exceptional quality will provide long-term value and increase appreciation. This requires the finest materials, handcrafting processes, advanced technology, and quality control systems. At Nien Made we create our shutters with meticulous control of each step in the manufacturing process. Raw materials sourcing, handcrafting, sanding and finishing, and even packaging come together to provide matchless quality, durability, and long-term value.

Quality.  Service.  Selection.  Value.

Quarter-Sawn louvers
craftsmen recognize that quarter-sawn wood is extremely stable, but its expense and scarcity induce some manufacturers to forego its use. Our Basswood Shutter louvers are made from 100% quarter-sawn wood to resist cupping, twisting, and warping.
We employ our unique Prescription Wood conditioning technique to reduce post-installation shrinking and swelling. Premium wood is cured in our own kiln drying chambers slowly at low temperatures. The wood for each shutter is conditioned to the moisture content of the final installation location. This ensures that our shutters remain stable and close tightly, without gaps, for years to come.
engineered Stiles
Nien Made compensates for wood’s tendency to deform by using reinforced engineered wood stiles. We bond multiple layers of wood together with pressure, heat,and a proprietary chemical formulation. The result is an intense level of durability and a robust support system for our shutter panels.
Mortise-and-Tenon joinery
Proper joinery is critical to the prolonged quality of a that are better suited for drawers and other lightweight applications. At Nien Made we recognize that the shear and racking forces endured by shutters dictate the use of mortise-and-tenon joinery.
Hand Finishing
Our labor-intensive hand finishing process requires multiple sequences of sanding and coating with thin layers of stain or paint. This is the only way to achieve the translucent, deep finish of our wood shutters. We avoid “cut-down” or “stock program” plans that can result in sacrifices to product quality.

Hand crafting

Fully Assembled Quality control

engineered Stiles and
Mortise-and-Tenon Joinery
The service and support provided by our partners is unmatched in the industry.Nien Made are available nationwide through our professional partner net work.
Nien Made will transform your home.
We select our partners wisely based on their knowledge of the industry, experience, and ability to service homeowners like you. Then we equip them with the most advanced sales tools in the business, spearheaded by our revolutionary online order management website, to ensure orders are error-free, on-time, and fabulous! We also train our partners on the use of our unique in-home shutter design system. This powerful approach allows professional designers and window coverings retailers to create and describe vibrant shutter designs based on your needs and budget.

At Nien Made we offer the most choices with more shutter materials, colors, shapes, and frames than any national manufacturer in the industry.